Chapter 2

Title goes here 2

Here I am again… ouch… I feel like I am doing it the right way. It all here sounds like something that has been done right (not really)… you know you get used to struggle and it only breaks after you get tired of not doing shit.

So first an update on my game. I have been trying to finish it and I am almost there (I’ve been trying to write for so long that this statement has changed a few times). But yes, it is almost done, I have been searching about the platforms I can release, it is no ground-breaking game, but I want to take it to the end to have the experience of publishing games when my first “maybe acceptable” project comes. I want to have the experience on how everything is done and all the pre-requisites.

About other projects, I have tons of ideas to do next, but need to focus on what I am doing now, and thus I have been focusing on that. I had lots of progress last 2 weeks, a lot of it indeed, but stuff was build slow beforehand and not really in a productive way. I am trying to develop discipline, I hope to improve on that a bit sometime in the future, and if I can keep up like last week it would be great.

For the state of release, I have all the main code done, and it is tested for android (I think I will publish on google play first). I only need to decide and learn about how to put ads to monetize it. It would be a great skill to have if I follow up some of the ideas I have to simple addicting puzzles in the future.

I have worked a lot in polishing the game and improving its performance. I am really happy on how things turned out, it was really bad, unplayable in the past and it runs now, which is great.

The coolest thing I did last weeks was learning how to use LMMS (sound making software :P), despite my almost zero music knowledge I did some simple beats to my game and I am really proud about it (I will make a post showing my progress, hoping sometime soon). Also the game is away better with sound effects… I can’t measure how much better it is, but it is amazingly better. :O Also, the progress of the game can now be saved, finally implemented that.

So before releasing it I need to add the ads, then I can publish it on google play. For the pc release I need to learn how to use some wrapper to create an executable. I plan on using nwjs and maybe something else, I have a few pages saved here to read more when the time comes to do it.

My plan was to create a lot more detailed posts about the game, but it didn’t go like that. I may do it after release, but I am not decided on that quite yet. I would love to write a book or something similar, but I don’t know if I have what it takes to do that, I am afraid I may get my time all eaten by my next projects. If I can come around to getting the forces to advance on that book, I make an update with details. For now, only realising coming (with All about that noise post, yep, that was the name I chose for my music progress stuff). More soon.

PS: Decided to include visual samples of my game on another post. Game update with gifs: < coming soon >.