The time I had a game being packed

I did a game?

So with me going back to writing I felt a bit more inspired than normal and decided to make a separated post to include a bigger update on the game Mazed.

To put in retrospective, the last update that included something visual was in February and it had a gif of the simple maze style and a draft of the main menu. What was done after the last update?

  • Many changes in the code relating to performance, optimization, organization and/or similar stuff (a lot of time on performance improvement);
  • Redo of main menu style, implemented all the menus and its functionalities;
  • Reworked some parts of the game art had back there (logo, icons, and some details);
  • Finalized the platform style and the shooter style (those are the biggest things done);
  • Utilized an infinite level generation in all styles of the game;
  • Implemented the screen-shake (thank you vlamber) and vibration for mobile;
  • Added some music background, and sound effects where it could be added (mostly shooter);
  • Included some cheesy text lines to make it more personal;
  • Implemented the saving progress utilizing local storage;
  • Worked on doing the best mobile controller that I could;
  • Organized everything together to feel like a game and implemented other smalls stuff to make the main things listed above work (a.k.a. I may have forgot to talk about some stuff, but shhhhhh).

What need to be done?

  • Add ads to the mobile version;
  • Packaging for android, GNU/linux and Windows;
  • Create hopeless greenlight page on steam;
  • Release on google play and;
  • And try to not set anything else to be done.

So lets start the cool part of this update, the gifs! First, the cool simple maze style (check Feb post to compare):

Mazed Preview - Simple Maze

Second, plain Platform style (new stuff):

Mazed Preview - Platform

Third, the shooter style (also new):

Mazed Preview - Shooter

For last, lets check menu stuff:

Mazed Preview - Menu showcase

So there is that, a game. I have done a freaking game. :O Everything done by my own hands. The terrible art, the boring music and the out of best practices coding, but nonetheless those things it all formed another thingy that I can say I did and I am proud of that. Finishing your first game is a really big achievement, but the work is only starting, the journey will keep going much more cool stuff to be done!