Some noises I call beats

Music? (not really)

A week or so ago I have decided to dive in music production. I wanted to make every bit of my game (excluding the engine I mean, the rest is all done by me). But you know I do game development, I am broke by nature so I went to testing some free tools, totally free tools. I end up with LMMS (long ago known as Linux MultiMedia Studio) now available to windows, GNU/linux and OS X (facts by Wikipedia, you are welcome :P ). So to sum up, you can make sounds on that, mostly noise if you don’t know what you are doing, but if you are lucky enough you can get to make some beats that are not terrible even if you don’t know much about music production, it is a bit intuitive to use, not much since it is a free and open source software and it being user friendly is not that main objective of the people who work on it. However, if you search a bit about it you will read amazing things about it, despite it having a step learning curve.

The entering on ‘music production’ as a quite of a good ride, after a few beats done I decide to save my progress and make a post about it. And then the All About that Noise post was planned to be born and it would include a bit about LMMS, but mostly my experience in it. I had a lot of difficulties due to my lack of knowledge, so I limited myself to doing some simple tracks. My objective was to do 3 short beats that would be played on loop on my game (since it has 3 styles on it; the colours change, so the music would change too). So let’s enter on my journey to those 3 beats.

First I dived in full blind without knowing anything and played around. I downloaded the software at and did two few seconds beats to test out the software and what I could get out of it by playing around:

The first one: check 001

The second one: check 002

Those things despite being short and bad took me a few hours it was 1-3 days playing around (I don’t remember exactly).

After getting the first impression I tried to search about tutorials of how to use it. The ones I got to read/watch:

A few of those: LMMS WIKI

But mainly the ones in this channel: Cubician Youtube (The LMMS Tutorial is great)

A read the manual (yeah I am boring): LMMS Manual

Also watched about melodies, I went in youtube and watched a few of those: Youtube Search

And I used that site for looking up accords: lalecondepiano

While looking that stuff up (slowing looking it up). I got a few news beats done:

The third one: check 003

The forth one: check 004

After consuming a bit too much of basic knowledge about LMMS I decided to keep trying making the beats (I also chosen to keep it a bit slow, it was easier to do something acceptable that way) and went back to the same materials if I had any question about something I was trying to do.

So the number 5 was born: check 005

From this list this is the one I am using on my first game style. It is slower and it remembered me about minecraft soundtrack (one of those, not sure which, and not sure how much it is similar), but when I got the sparkly that it sound like something else, I decided to keep it, making something acceptable is hard enough, I can’t keep my quality bar too high. Furthermore, I tried to make something a bit complex, and:

The 6th beat was alive: check 006

I didn’t like it, and I felt a bit overwhelm with everything. At that stage I decided to keep things simpler, I was not going to go full ham on LMMS. I liked the software and playing around it, but I can’t get all the skills overnight (or in a week or so like I was planning). So after calming myself a bit I worked on another beat.

The 7th was done: check 007

That one I felt okay with. I stayed with that, changing it until it was acceptable. That is the one I am using to my second style in my game (the platform). After more and more hours of struggle I end up doing my 8th and last beat. It is not a piece of art (none of those) but it is enough to include on my first game.

The 8th: check 008

In the end I can say I did some noise that don’t make me hate myself. So it is a good end. So the 5th, 7th and 8th are the ones being used in Mazed. I hope that in the future I can learn more about music production and LMMS and get better at it, music is something that I naturally love but never had the opportunity to get much involved into, and I think that this love is the main reason I decided to write this post. To my future self, you better have learned and improved a lot more!

Full playlist: