Ludum Dare 38

How far did I get

I participated on Ludum Dare 38. However, it flopped a bit and as my first jam ever I am sad that I couldn’t finish it, but I learned a lot and hope that next time I can get around to finish my entry. I had no idea how much I could do and seems I was off by quite a bit.

Taipa Cover

So, now lets talk about what the freaking I wanted to do about the theme this time around 'small world'. I basically wanted to replicate the idea of how limited you world may be. As such, I aimed to create a small world that would represent some kind of social bubble. The tricky part as making the whole world available to the player as something your could go around, avoiding to put it up as a platform only and that was the main thing I worked on after having a good picture in mind. The first drafted idea looked like that:

Taipa Idea Preview

After having a good draft of the main 'look' of the game I thought about the title. The term I chose was Taipa, it is a portuguese word for rammed earth, a material used a lot way back in the construction of low class houses. It goes well with the idea of a compact world and compact social bubble. Having that in mind, I was ready to go on polishing and molding the game, my lack of experience with fast paced development as clear at that stage. But, somehow in the middle of the jam I got somewhere close to that:

Taipa Polishing

When I was really excited about the work, BOOM power outage. most of afternoon and and beginning of the night of sunday were gone. The problem is that I am quite of a momentum based worker, so after that happening it took me quite a while to feel I was back a it full power. I tried my best to keep going since I still had all monday to jam. However, I still had a lot to do so I focused on making the prototype runnable even if most of the gameplay was lacking. With that in mind I kept going populating my world litle by litle:

Taipa Objects

At the end of the jam, my game was nowhere near good enough, but it looked promising, so I did decide to post it in the site anyway (HERE). I explained there the status of the game and then it was over! My first JAM ever! I was quite happy to tell you the truth, even if I didn't achieve what I expected that was a great experience and it helped me pin point where I lacked. The changes I came up with will not only be great for other jams that may come in the future, but It will also help a lot on other stuff that aren't time limited.

Taipa Imcomplete Entry

For the future my plans are to finish that prototype and maybe do another project based on that.
PS: On the entry page people are being quite nice, it may be only a couple of comments but those give me quite a shot of motivation. Overall I call it a successful first jam!