2nd Jam experience


Last month I participated on CGA-JAM. My second participation in a jam. That time around I had a bit more time than in ldjam and a bit more experience too and I actually got to finish my entry!

Volta - Cover


!Volta is a kill/get/survive/fast paced themed game, in which you are enclosed in a gravity changeable room where simple minded enemies/friends keep popping up. Survive enough, be thoughtful of what to use and when to use, get enough on all scores and buy your freedom.

The game is based around the following themes:

  • Always faster
  • Gravity

And restricted to use:

  • Graphics: Use the CGA 4 color palette. *Palette 0 or 1 allowed
  • Sound: 8Bit Sounds / Chiptune


Volta Preview


The entry was published on Itch.io and you can play it there here or get more info and gifs here (where you can also access the github repo where the code is located at).

I am quite happy about the result. Participating on jams has actually improve my skills tremendously (especialy my ability to focus and organize a project). I got quite faster at developement when compared to before ludum dare 38. What i do felt like was lacking in that project was some visual aid/tutorial to explain how things goes inside the game. Since, the basic mechanic, changing gravity while in mid air, is a bit unexepected. I will take the experience and try to explain stuff like that in some way in future games. So yeah, got to understand that even if you make a great game, people will not be playing the game from your head, but what they got in hands. So I should basically get better at making things more clear, not necessaryly easier but at least understandable. Really excited with jams and looking forward to the next one I get to participate!