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My not so often hi

Hello! It's me, I was wondering if I would ever write again. :P My name is Jose, but it could be self-doubt. Dx

Ok… create a blog (check); don't post often (check); make excuses (check); feel sorry (check); be creative about your excuses (check); be 'self-proclaimed funny' and super Meta (check). So am I really a blogger now? AM I? Maybe if I do that again and again and again and again and again… No? :’(

My shameless update: I have been procrastinating, and coding, and procrastinating, and drawing pixels, and procrastinating, and twitting (yeah! Who would know! @JmCriat), and procrastinating, and playing don’t starve, and procrastinating, and dreaming, and procrastinating, and trying to talk with others gamedev'ers, and procrastinating… you know… it is better than only procrastinating right? No? :'( Most of my productive time was spent on the Mazed Game (preview next).

Mazed Preview

It was a lot of slow progress but it is advancing. The code is a lot cleaner, structured and optimized, and the art got a bit of an overhaul too; got some controls there for mobile and a lot of not apparent changes. I am now implementing the platform stage of game (which will also have a shooter stage). Every step is a lot of learning and I am actually happy with it, it could be faster but since it isn’t there not much I can change on it, trying my best here. :D

I also have been writing some stuff (poems) in English, trying it out. It feels good to express myself at least on a text editor. However, this website has been not moving at all, it my stay like that, idk, it may change. I am not sure. :(

I am still on the way to my gamedev dream, working on my productivity/discipline but advancing nevertheless.