Where it all starts

My first post

Hello! It has been quite a while since I finished the website layout and have been procrastinating the blog writing, but I can't procrastinate forever! So let's GO!

My name is Jose, from Brazil, and I am now in the middle of the making of my first mobile game. It is a maze-like/puzzle game with a few twists (that I still need to implement). I am developing in html/css/js and I am using Cordova together with Phaser engine. A preview of in what stage I am now is below:

Mazed Preview

I decided to go full in my 'dream' of being a developer/creative person around last May, since then I dropped uni and started learning/studying what I would need as a full-time and independent developer. I was doing civil engineering but I did not see any future on me working on that field. It was a personal struggle that I had. I am too all in on what I do, and it take lots of energy from me. I have been with problems of concentration, happiness and acceptance last few years that I have been studying engineering. So for my well-being and happiness I decided to grow the courage needed to give a shot on doing what I love. It was a while until I got the courage to do that. In the future I may talk more about my struggles in detail. However, now let's resume: after I got the courage I dropped out and staying living on the city where I was studying using my savings and now I am back temporally at my parents’ house, where I am giving all my time in pursuing that dream of my.

Like most people who consider themselves a ‘creative person’ I am really conscious about what happen around me and inside me, that is the main reason why I am starting this blog to have somewhere to express what I am felling, to put my thoughts together. To be me. Here I will include rants, analysis, reports, stuff, things, you know... A general blog of most of what is up with myself and what I care about.

Today is also New Year! It is like the start of something new, right? I didn’t want to be that cheesy but it happened. :P

"I am a guy who dreams as much as he can and that procrastinates as much as he dreams. Aspiring to being an Indie game developer/Writer."